We’re more than Party Planners…

Recently, we created a development strategy for Catholic Charities and their Immigration and Refugee Services group in Los Angeles. This was an illuminating engagement with some interesting factoids we wanted to share.

This organization helps vulnerable immigrants and refugees achieve self-sufficiency and integration through legal and social services. This year, they will welcome over 300 refugee families to Los Angeles. In addition, there are roughly 3.5 million immigrants living in Los Angeles, the largest in any region. Some of the outcomes of their programs over the last year include: 

  • Total number of clients served: 4000

  • Number of applicants IRS successfully assisted in applying for United States Citizenship: 784

  • Percentage of refugees employed within 120 days of arriving in the U.S.: 87%

  • Percentage of clients who passed their citizenship exam after completing CCLA's ESL and U.S. Civics 14 week prep course: 98%

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.01.57 PM.png

Finishing Touches....
At a recent event we produced at San Ysidro Ranch, we were able to create chic and accessible décor using glass milk bottles, votives and small vases. We filled them with a variety of floral and candy, all in the party’s color scheme, blue and white. These items are not conventional tabletop decor, but that's what makes this idea unique and appealing. The final product is elegant without being kitschy. It is also incredibly easy to assemble and could be filled with anything from straws to lollipops to wildflowers, as we did. 

Daniel Luiken