The Learning Centers at Fairplex: Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning....
As native Angeleanos we thought we knew all the amazing things our hometown has to offer, however when The Learning Centers at Fairplex called looking for development support from the GV team, we were amazed with all they had to offer. Over the last 7 months we have come to admire the work of this organization as they utilize the 487-acre Fairplex campus for hands-on, experiential learning supporting the needs of the Pomona community. Some interesting statistics include:

  • The 5-acre Farm at Fairplex is home to over 100 California Specialty Crops and is expanding to include nutritional education and urban farming classes

  • The FairKids Field Trip program provides 175,000 participants each year the opportunity to participate in educational field trips to the LA County Fair 

  • A cumulative $3 million grant from the Petersen Foundation allows up to 70 students each year to become certified in vocational education automotive skills utilizing a 7000 square foot state-of-the-art garage including expansion plans for a new welding lab

  • 1000 students utilize the Arts Education programs through community art classes, receive high-school credit for 2D and 3D career technical education classes and participate in professional juried art exhibitions 

  • 29,000 volunteer hours each year through the Ambassador Volunteer program supports the ongoing activities of the Learning Centers and the Los Angeles County Fair.

Finishing Touches....
Every event needs a bit panache and Sophia Loves Letters, a vendor whom we enjoy collaborating with, adds that unique touch. Her work is innovative and elegant. In place of typical place-cards or table numbers, Sophia uses lemon leaves, or broken stones from the sale bin at Home Depot. These are all things you can do with a little innovation and a paint pen!

Daniel Luiken