South Carolina National Guard Foundation: Always Ready, Always There

"Always Ready, Always There"

And just like that, Gillian Valentine is celebrating our Cotton anniversary. As this year draws to a close, we look back on a series of projects that provided us new challenges, refined our mission, and introduced us to new microcosms. Working with so many nonprofits allowed us to leverage our professional fundraising expertise. While our projects ranged from development strategies to producing fundraisers the over-arching goal was to raise money for a series of truly inspiring causes. 

Our final fundraiser of 2017 was incredibly meaningful to us, supporting our veterans. The South Carolina National Guard Foundation is raising funds to ensure that every guardsman returning home from deployment receives critical post-deployment services. Special guests, Governor Henry McMaster and Senator Lindsay Graham spoke about the importance of local communities supporting our veterans and honored the work of the National Guard veterans and the sacrifices they make for our country.

Some background on the National Guard

  • The National Guard is typically called into action by a state governor, who can send them to the site of any officially declared emergency in the state. This can be weather-related emergency in the state, civil unrest, or terrorist attacks.

  • There are over 340,000 active Air and Army National Guardsman representing each state along with Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia

  • 50,000 guardsman were called up for Hurricane Katrina, the largest domestic deployment in Guardsman historyWell-known guardsman include: Tom Selleck, Babe Ruth, George W. Bush and Harry Truman


Finishing Touches....
Decorative lighting can mean many things. For us as event planners, it is an innovative way to set a mood or theme without having to break the bank on draping. We recently produced an event at Union Station, Los Angeles where CBC Technical highlighted the stunning Art Deco design and also created a more intimate feeling in a beautiful but cavernous space.

Daniel Luiken