Uniting With Light

Uniting with Light

Over the last year, we worked with Unite to Light, a Santa Barbara-based nonprofit, to produce their fundraisers. Since 2010, Unite to Light has manufactured and distributed over 100,000 solar lamps, with a high-quality, low cost solar powered light to 70 countries.  This small but mighty organization targets those that the existing solar market does not reach, including children learning to read, midwives and health clinics, and victims of natural disasters.

Distribution of these solar lamps is through established and highly respected partners across the globe that help keep costs down. In the past year, Unite to Light partnered with Direct Relief to provide solar lights to victims of natural disasters in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and Santa Barbara. 

Lights are offered at a significant discount to other nonprofit or charity groups such as religious organization, schools or orphanages as part of an overall program to improve the quality of life for the people they serve.

Our favorite thing about Unite to Light...For every person who purchases a light for their bedside reading lamp, camping light, or emergency preparedness kit, Unite to Light will donate a light to someone in need.


Finishing Touches

We avoid wasting anything, especially fresh flowers at the end of an event. Fortunately, we had a client who held two events over one weekend that enabled us to repurpose the the floral on the left, from Urban Jungle in Washington DC, into a completely different decor look for a birthday two nights later! 

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Daniel Luiken